As One Season Ends

So that's a wrap for the latest season 'Mass Production' in Steel Wars Royale. This season we seen landslide victories in order for someone to win the illustrious Champion of the Arena badge. The top 10 players have now been announced, sadly no-one at Steel Wars HQ made the cut!

It was a huge race to the number 1 spot with a nail-biting back and forth between blueghost & MaxStrateg001. Blueghost claimed victory with a whopping 42,047 trophies! MaxStrateg001 failing at the final hurdle with 40,741 trophies. Both smashing new records for the highest trophy counts in any season since Gathering Resources ended in February with I3L4CK gaining a whopping 30,051 trophies.

After the top 2 no-one came close with 3rd place from Chosen1 with 10,935 trophies. Here's a quick review of the top 10 players!

Top 10


Builds / Meta

There's many ways to get to the top - more play time, strategy & build. Below we're going to run through the some of the top players builds of the season to understand what build was winning this season and is it something we learn from and do we expect game changes in the future based on this data!


How could we not start with the 1st place of Steel Wars Royale Mass Production season!

Freezing Laser10
Engines Boost10
Explosive Drone10
Battle Dron9
Butcher Turret11

This build is simply, clever and effective. It's a speed build. Designed to get through that barrier in the faster time possible before the enemy adds bigger and overwhelming units. This build is weak and preys on the inability of players knowing how to counter it effectively. It works in a simple way. Bring in fast runners, use engines boost to get them moving faster, freezing laser to stop then enemy in it's tracks so they don't attack and finally utilise fireball if needed to shake that annoying enemy.

The only top players don't venture too much differently with MaxStrateg001 opting for the high powered DPS machine Core-X12 adding comfort to a similar build.

The standout difference in the top 10 would be Vendetta or T-Low instead of working on the speed approach settling for a more brute strength, high levelling power play. Let's check out I3L4CK's strong build which brought in 5,600 trophies this season.


Blazing Turret11
Drone Hangar13

So having not 1 but 3 units at max level is an impressive feat at such an early stage of this game. This is a player I wouldn't like to battle in a 1v1. Strong units and with a range of skills. The complete tank destroyer that is the Blazing Turret to the constant creation of level 13 Battle Drons constantly keeping you occupied. That's just the turrets! We then come to his units, the tanky-ish presence of Skorpion keeping enemies occupied whilst the likes of Sharp-Sh00t and Boomer take aim afar dealing heavy damage with Healbot close by to keep the tank going strong. This build has major MMORPG mechanic feels with the strong DPS and the healer/tank dynamic.

Let's now see what changes happen with balances and what the fight for the number 1 slot looks like this season! I anticipate a closer race to number 1 with a few players vying for the position.

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