1.13.04 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Gameplay speed has been increased a 15%. This affects to: Units movement, Units attack speed and Energy Regeneration. We wanted to increase the pace of the game
  • You can easily swap units inside your active deck
  • We have introduced a first version Zoom feature. Pinch with your fingers and drag the map to move around while zoomed. Please keep in mind that this is a first implementation and we will improve and polish this new feature over time.

Horde Mode

  • We keep expanding Steel Pass functionality: If you have Steel Pass, you have a 50% discount in all Special Units for the Horde Mode.
  • We are removing the random factor from HORDE as much as possible. All PathNodes have a fixed direction in this mode, so the Horde has now only 1 path to follow. This allows you to focus in creating the best possible units combination in a single path instead of dealing with random paths that split your force. This changes are not final as we are just gathering information and feedback!

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