1.12.02 Patch Notes

General Changes As requested by the community, we have added a "Last Seen" feature for a better squad management. Now you can see for how long a clan member has been disconnected. - Also, as requested by the community, we have increased the game speed a 10%, so gameplay has now a 10% faster pace. Game pace is basically the sum of Units movement + Units attack Speed, so expect units to move and attack a 10% faster! We will keep playing with the game pace until we find the right balance to maximize the fun.

New Features

Sudden Death
To avoid Draw results as much as possible, we have implemented "Sudden Death". At the end of the match time, if the result is a Draw, Sudden Death will trigger. The match will be extended for another 45 seconds and there will be NO ENERGY REGEN. which means, you have 45 seconds to win the match with the resources you have, which are: Units already in the battle field + Energy left in your deposit. 

Use those last resources wisely, as the one who scores firsts during Sudden Death will automatically win the match. Will you accumulate energy if Sudden Death is about to trigger? How will you use your last energy? Will you try to do a last aggressive push, or you will play defensive? Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. This is a strategy game and we think those strategic decisions are a good fit for this competitive game. 

Medals System
We have implemented the first version a this new system. Two very exclusive medals that will be given personally by the devs to the top players of each season. We are already thinking of more medals, some of the very exclusive, and some of them not that exclusive. This is similar to an "achievement system" and we have really cool ideas for the Medals that we will be implementing very soon. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback you have been giving us, its very valuable!! We are preparing other new cool stuff that, but it's still cooking in the oven.... so stay tuned for more info!

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