1.13.02 Patch Notes

General Changes

Fixed some bugs with season rewards and security issues.

New Features


New game mode HORDE! Study your enemy and adapt your deck to be "HORDEfficient". Progress through the different waves of enemies and get cool rewards and fresh gameplay.

This game mode comes with a new elite medal "HORDE Destroyer". Remember, these exclusive medals will give some perks and benefits to the Owner, in later patches!

The leaderboard of this game mode will let us know who's the boss blasting hundreds of enemies.

You will also be able to check who is the best horde destroyer inside your squad. A badge with your squad logo will appear in the Waves progress bar, letting you know who's in the lead.

Game Balancing

During the next week, we will add a small balance patch balancing and tweaking some units.


Keep in mind, it's the first version of HORDE mode. This game has room for a lot of cool features and a good balancing. We will be polishing and improving this game mode with your feedback and data from players.

For people with units already level 10+, the first levels of the HORDE will look like a walk on the park. We will add a feature where you can skip some levels and start and begin with a harder one directly, avoiding repetitive easy levels. While we add this feature, enjoy the EZ blasting. At some point you will reach the barrier where you really need a good optimised deck to keep progressing, and probably you will reach a hard cap where you will need to level up your units. There are some Special Units that can be helpful if you are trying to squish a few more difficult levels!

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