Season 9 Ends

So season 9 has officially finished. The first season after several changes to a few in-season changes as well as the introduction to Horde mode!

Not only are we announcing the Champion of the Arena but the new badge Horde Destroyer has been introduced!

As you will remember last season was swept away after a heavy battle by Blueghost. This season we see them coming in at 2nd place. Missing out this time by a huge margin. MaxStrateg001 didn't start strong this season but during the midway point the trophies starting racking up and claiming victory at 14,455 points.

So why was there such a difference between last seasons top points (42K Trophies) compared to this season? There's two key reasons for that.

In Season Change

The Devs crunched some numbers, discussed with the community and watched the game VODS and seen a clear and easy way for trophies to be quickly accrued with quick units and the freeze ability. A clever ploy meant that if you added some quick running units and froze the enemy at their games it was victory within mere seconds! Since this realisation within the first few days of the season they changed the mechanic of the freeze to only be usable inside the first half of the map.

Horde Mode

In addition to some mechanic changes they also introduced a brand new game mode, Horde. This is a purely PvE (player vs environment) game where the players have to hold off an army of zombies approaching the gates and progress to the end. They decided to change this to a seasonal Horde change so it's not just zombies but next season it's Lava Golems!!

So, let's talk about Horde whilst we're here! So as we know Blueghost missed out in 2nd place for the season, but they did get the first ever Horde Destroyer badge.

The game mode took the mechanics to a complete twist, builds focussing on more AOE (area of effect) damage compared to speed and taking down tanks.

Let's have a look at the seasonal stats!

Top 10


Builds / Meta

As mentioned before the meta changed this season with the nerf to Freezing Laser. This meant that the emphasis was actually on battling! Crazy right?! So let's look at the number 1 player of the season and then someone else with a very different build!


Engines Boost11
Horde Breaker11
Battle Dron10
Drone Hangar11
Drone Dock10

Interestingly this build isn't too different from last months. One of the main noticeable elements is other than Horde Breaker pretty much all units are in the common classification? Is this purely due to level?


Blazing Raider11
Drone Dock9
Drone Hangar10

Idiartoteles has a very different build from MaxStrateg001 focusses heavily on strength. With 3 legendary units in tow with surprisingly not a single spell on hand! Not too dissimilar from my own build they've focussed on utilising Boomer & sharp-Sh00t which together are a powerhouse for AOE damage. I think as the seasons progress we'll see more similar builds to this where waging war against the enemy is more about fighting styles than speed.

With the season over there's more adjustments happening in the background and we'll see if it changes to landscape of play!

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