Website is Live!

And with that Steel Wars HQ is officially live. We're going to be adding so much content onto the site from fresh player user guides all the way up to ideal decks and their pros and cons! We're still in build phase and we want the community to help us grow as the game does! Currently you can see all of the units, spells & turrets in the game on the site and all of their levels and statistics. If you feel there is anything missing just head over to the Website Suggestions part of the forums and we will sure to have a look and let you know!

What's Next?

There's still a lot to do from creating the pages around the Arena's, Questions and Events that are going on within the Steel Wars game! Our main goal is to ensure all the data and information is kept up to date as much as possible. We have huge thoughts about all of the cool tools and resources we can build and make available to the Steel Wars community. We've been very gracious enough for the wonderful developers over at Shadowlock Games to send us over the assets and information in order to get this site up and running!

Who can get involved?

We're a small team of people that are in-love with this game and want to help grow it's community and standing. If you think you can get involved and support then we'd love to hear from you! Here's a few of the things we're looking out for.

  • Content Creators - Are you good at writing and want to help build guides and strategies to support the community?
  • Forum Moderators - Sadly all online communities have those bad apples that need to be weeded out, if you want to help that would be brilliant!
  • Ideas - We need so many ideas to ensure we can grow this community.
  • Advocates - Just share the site with people and spread the word!

There is going to be so many upcoming updates to the game and changes happening that it would be great for everyone to be in the know and have a place they can ask questions and gain advise!

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